We are all about the story!

The KTalon band has  been called a contemporary Americana/Folk/Rock group.  We are an acoustically-rooted original band who is happiest telling stories to people through our music.
From love songs to high-energy, foot-stomping blues and rock ballads, we hope that we can transport you to the places and moments we are playing about.
So grab a beer or a glass of wine, or "sip some tequila like it's some delicious candy," sit back and let us take you for a ride.


Venue owners have no worries with us.

No ASCAP or MCI worries when hiring this band.  We play original music, so those hefty fees that has kept your venue live-music-free are not an issue with us.


Looking to the Future

We will be working with Ed Etzel on an album and a couple of music videos and are very excited about making those available to our fans.


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